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It’s made even worse when he says something that’s just so ludicrous and removed from reality that there is honestly nothing you can say and you end up just sitting there like 'what'. You can’t make an argument against someone who believes everything you say is inherently wrong if it isn’t biblically based.

Today I got in an argument with my uncle and apparently, on top of believing ‘the media is brainwashing us to think being gay is okay’, he also believes racism doesn’t exist anymore, (“based on personal experience”) and that, despite me being raised in a conservative christian family, I only believe the things I believe because I’m a blind sheep who believes shit without question.

I honestly don’t give a fuck what kind of nonsense he decides to devote his life to, just don’t fucking talk down at me like I’m some kind of naive unhappy fuck for thinking it’s complete bullshit.




Studio Ghibli has debuted its first live-action short.

Neon Genesis Evangelion animator Shinji Higuchi has worked with the animation company to direct Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo (Kyōshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru).

The film features a giant monster attacking the Japanese capital and serves as a prequel to Ghibli classic Nausicaä.
Narrated by a young woman (Megumi Hayashibara), a strange glowing phenomenon heralds the arrival of the alien creature which dwarfs the city.

Ghibli director and co-founder Hayao Miyazaki provided the design for the short’s monster.
This is the first time the company has been involved with a live-action project.

Watch it HERE



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Si Amil by Vaidotas K

So I’ve been laying in bed literally all day doing stuff on my phone and sleeping and at around 5 or 6 pm my brother came into my room asking where our mom was. Turns out that while I was sleeping my mom left because she was feeling so depressed she had to check herself into a hospital. I feel so shitty, I know it’s not entirely my fault that she got to that point but I sure as hell am not helping by being so useless around the house. I’m gonna try and get a shit ton of cleaning done tomorrow so the house looks nice when she comes back.

I’m really grateful that she went to get help though (and the doctors decided to keep her there for a few days too), I always get really worried about her when she becomes so depressed that you can tell she is just completely fucking done with everything. I mean, I logically know she is a super responsible totally selfless person but I also know that sometimes depression and anxiety and shit like that can really fuck with your thought processes and that scares me a lot :(


Toothless + Markings

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